The Genesis of JELLU

SAYURI was blending “The thing” on her palm. “The thing” you could only create in the beaker. “The thing” I wanted. “The thing” that can make your dreams come true JELLU is born, very new JELL. Just like the freshly made organic dressing at home, you create your own fresh hair gel at home. Just blend the oil and gel in your palm with love. Your own special hair gel that is created in your palm Mix them together with care. The magic spell is “PUT ON MAGIC! I can be happier than ever”


Your dream of how you want to be will come true

The ratio of oil to gel is adjustable, so you can customize your JELLU any way you want. You don’t need to buy all kinds of different styling products for different situations. Just change the ratio and create your own JELLU for whatever you need that day.

Hair sways in the wind, but still stays in place

The benefit of standard gel is that you can have nice, shiny hair that stays in place, but it also hardens your hair to the point that you can't even run your fingers through it. Furthermore, you can’t adjust or change your hairstyle after using standard gel. However, JELLU solves all those problems by adding oil to the gel. With JELLU, your shiny, silky hair will sway in the wind naturally, but it will still stay in place. This is the ideal styling product for all occasions.

Joy in the morning by custom-making the JELLU

You can custom-make your JELLU depending on your feeling, fashion, or daily plans. Each day, you can change JELLU any way you want. Everyday, boring, tiresome styling will become fun. It will become something you look forward to.

JELLU will nourish the hair and scalp, and it helps your hair to grow beautiful

JELLU will not only style your hair, but it will also help grow your new hair to be more beautiful. The mist from this product line will maintain your scalp, and this gel and oil will moisturize and repair your hair. It helps hair grow stronger and shinier, and it also protects your hair from sun and dry weather.

Main Ingredients

Mineral Gel
Containing the Nobel-Prize-winning carbon molecule, “Fullerene”

This anti-aging molecule will eliminate active oxygen, and it helps your hair grow stronger and gives it a silky texture. Fullerene is a carbon allotrope such as diamond, but it is shaped like a ball.

Mineral Oil
Containing Antiaging element “Astaxanthine”

The anti-oxidizing power of this element is supposed to be 1,000 times that of vitamin E and 100 times that of β-carotene, and it will protect your skin and hair from the sun. Astaxanthine is a type of carotenoid that is contained in seafood.

How to Use

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